CyanogenMod App Store to download Forbidden Android Apps Coming Soon

Did you know that there are many applications in the Android App Store, which is banned by Google on copyright and other law enforcement issues, as infringement procedures rooting and superuser access? However, the developers of custom handmade ROM thinking of giving their users the best of their custom ROM CyanogenMod, the black market for downloads of apps that are excluded from the Google App Store, so it will allow you all to get apps that are developed by developers all over the world, or prohibited or can be downloaded from the official Google App store.The app will be in line with other App Store in the Android Market only that it would be only the apps that have are banned from the Android Market. The developer called Kaoushik Dutta founder of the new App Store, where the custom ROMs (modified versions of the Android OS), classic game emulators pulled due to copyright complaints, unofficial tethering apps removed at the request of mobile operators, Visual Voice Mail Programs with one click rooting apps, and more. The developer is also known as Koush and suggested the idea earlier this month and has a massive response in favor of the App Store. Few days back the developer submitted updated the shop shows an early version of the store, which is still ongoing. The developer is known in the hacking and Android is also a part of CyanogenMod development team, the man is the only developer of ClockworkMod.

Anchoring, like most of the member of the Android clan will all know is an illegal operation and will not exactly, but according to Google-holics and always will be. The developers of Android freedom clan does not comply with these other members and say that the anchoring of the phone especially about the monster that Google has only limited in its chains to bring. Although it still is quite a risky task that your phone can easily convert to a 100 gram paperweight, with the help of such prohibited apps, it has become a very easy task that can even be performed by a person who does not know once the correct meanings of anchorage.

There are more than 1 million users of CyanogenMod society, which is quite a significant number that will be covered by the new Black Android App Store. At this moment we are not sure what exactly will the impact on the Android community, but it is quite certain that they will be lured to a free App Store, where things will be freer than they once were. It is also unclear whether this will be completed next month, and when completed will be available in all custom ROMs, or just CyanogenMod. But it would be a nice development to watch for.


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