Jaguar XF 2.2D coming soon in India

Jaguar XF 2.2D

Newly renovated new Jaguar XF is a lot resting on his broad shoulders. Not only does it have to be fresh and attractive enough to make buyers of new cars, but this new version has to broaden its appeal XF. This new 2.2-liter diesel lowers the entry price of a Jaguar sedan and the automaker will soon be launching a major four-wheel drive version to appeal to new customers. Also added to this the fact that the XF 2.2 would be the first Jaguar to be assembled in India, making a nice big car.

While the basic design of the interior is the same, Jaguar has included a number of new themes and elements to freshen the cabin. So while the holes are open valve when you start the car and gear knob are still rising as Excalibur from the pond for the sense of occasion. But the sense of occasion that the E-Class and 5-series seem to be missing can muster. The low coupe-like roof also means behind the trip is not so much a priority as some of the competitors of the Jag's. Comfort level, but only noticeable worse in comparison, and it is a good car to chauffeur around, just not the best.
In contrast, the new 188bhp 2.2-liter turbo diesel, which is known as the 2.2 i4D we drove almost everything. The first four-cylinder Jaguar since the much criticized X-type, Peugeot-based engine, the same as used by Land Rover Freelander. Now positioned longitudinally instead of transversely and drives the rear wheels via a stunning eight-speed ZF, this engine impresses immediately with how quiet cruising. And it is smooth when you pull the car as hard as well, XF with a surprising twist of the foot, despite the engine not having twin turbo. Torque turned nice and early settlement of all but unnoticeable, and the engine runs with a certain amount of enthusiasm for the Redline too. It is quite clear that much work has been done to this engine, and the list of improvements is endless. The nozzles are now getting socks rattling acoustic attenuation, which is a double layer of thick insulation under the hood, the now water-cooled turbocharger and engine crankcase and adapted for more quiet. And flat-out performance was also well supported, as impressive as the BMW 520d is less. Which also functioned very effectively was the start-stop system, which almost seemed to predict when you wanted to start over. Jaguar, but can remove the start-stop system to India, and we can only be a six-speed gearbox, all in the name of cost.

The prototype we drove also boasted impressive stability, good shock absorption and good balance in the corners, like the previous XF, and it felt pretty sporty to drive as well. Equally impressive is the new Jaguar power steering system, unlike some devices that have a lot of sense.

Jaguar XF is probably the facelifted in India to launch later this year, and it is probably the i4D 2.2 star attraction. As always we will keep you informed, we are confident that you are interested in a Jaguar, which starts at around Rs 35 lakh.

Diesel Fuel
Installation Front, longitudinal, RWD
Type 4 cyls, 2179cc, turbodiesel
Power 188bhp at 3500rpm
46kgm torque at 2000 rpm
Form 8-speed automatic
Chassis & Body
Length 4961mm
Width 1920mm
Height 1460mm
Wheelbase 2909mm
Boot Volume 500/920litres
Weight 1650 kg (EST)
20-inch alloy wheels
Tires 255/35-R20


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