Playboy Girl sues for $25k over Jump Injury

Playboy Girl sues for $25k over Jump Injury

Lots ... by Denise Underhill - who has filed a lawsuit against Playboy, claiming she suffered an injury during a severe knee injury during a fire print palace back in 2009.

According to a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court last month claiming Denise she was "asked to blow on a trampoline ... for taking pictures of her. "We recommend that Denise has a monstrous smile.

During a spring session, Denise says she tore a meniscus in his right knee ... themselves instead of proper medical attention, she was only given crutches and sent on its way.

In the docs, Denise says: "There were no signs ... acting as a threat by a use of a device." She has a point, even shampoo directions.

Denise claims an injury forced medication - and she is a perfectionist sometimes more than $ 25k for her problems.

Canadian police and judicial authorities say a drunken man took out a steamroller for a joyride, only to see that the heavy equipment rolling over him.

At about 3:20 Sunday, the police were in Sudbury, Ontario, alarmed that the man had been trapped under a fallen steamroller at a construction site, according to The Toronto Sun

"He started the machine and we believe that he had thought of leaving the scene with it," Police Constable Bert Lapalme Sudbury told AOL Weird News. "He was on a slope, and tipped the machine - he was attached."


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