Zune 4.0

Zune 4.0

The software package introduces a number of new features for Zune owners and some great additions for Windows 7 owners. Outside of the software package, Microsoft has also made the Zune Marketplace catalog available to stream through a browser. Zune Pass subscribers will have access to close to 6 million songs from the Zune Marketplace catalog for $14.99 per month, which will allow them to stream full albums and tracks through a computer’s browser. Quick play allows instant access to the stuff you care and use the most with shortcuts to favorites, recently downloaded or played music, videos, and Smart DJ mixes. This will be the starting point to the Zune software.

Smart DJ

Smart DJ is a similar feature to Apple's iTunes Genius feature. Smart DJ allows you to choose an artist, album, or song to create a custom mix. Smart DJ will then mix in results from your own music collection and those that appear in the Zune Marketplace.

Mini mode

This allows you to keep the player always on top of other windows but in a smaller version.

Optimised for Windows 7

The Zune HD is available today at retail stores across the US priced at $219.99 for 16GB and $289.99 for 32GB. You can also visit Zune Originals to order a Zune HD in green, blue or red in addition to black and platinum, in either of the capacities.



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