World’s Oldest Person Gertrude Baines Dies At 115

Gertrude Baines was Born in America on April 6, 1894, and a super centenarian who was died on 11 September 2009, in Los Angeles, at the age of 115 years.

died at 115

According to Guinness World Records he was the oldest recognized living person in the world, from the 2nd January, 2009 death of Portuguese woman Maria de Jesus, until her own death. Her physician, Dr. Charles Witt said that she was likely suffered from a heart attack. An autopsy was schedule to determine the cause of death.

Gertrude Baines was 4 when the Spanish-American War broke out and 9, when he played the first World Series. She had already reached the average age at the time in the U.S. entered the First World War in 1941.

she said with a laugh, after casting his vote for Barack Obama for president "I'm glad I'm here. I do not care if I live a hundred more, and added, "I like eating and sleeping."



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