World's tallest man visits London

World's tallest man visits London

The world's tallest man - who also has the highest hand and foot - has been named by Guinness World Records to launch his book in 2010.At 8 feet 1 inch (2.47 m), Sultan Kosen, Turkey, is 4 inches (10 cm) taller than the previous title holders Xi Shun. The 27-year-old hands measure 10.8in (27.5 cm), and his feet, 14.3in (36.5cm).

Mr. Kösen whose height is due to the medical condition of pituitary gigantism, said he hoped his fame would bring new love for the first time."The first thing I do is have a car that can fit in, but more than that, I want to marry," he said. "So far, it was really hard to find a girlfriend. I have never had one, they were generally afraid of me. I hope I will find one now. "He continued: "I hope now that I am famous I will be able to meet many of the girls. I want to marry."

Medical problems ruled out a lucrative career in basketball and he now works occasionally as a farmer. Mr. Kosen, who sometimes uses crutches, said he had always dreamed of travel and had two seats to himself on the flight to Britain. He has three brothers and a sister, and applied for consideration as the Turkish tall man honor and was discovered to be more than 4in taller than the world record holder.



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