Wanted Movie Review

Wanted Movie Review, Wanted Movie, Wanted Director : Prabhu Dheva
Producer:Bony Kapoor
StarCast : Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Mahesh Manjrekar, Prakash Raj
Rating : 3/5

Prabhu debut Deva 'Wanted' is ready to start today. Most Wanted Bollywood actor Salman Khan is again ready to rule the hearts of millions of his fans.

Salman Khan has had the character of a gangster Radhe-hardcore, or you can say to a murderer who kills anyone pays money.

The film begins with Radhe (Salman Khan) is a hired killer and wanders around with his friends. Radhe falls for Ayesha Takia (Janhvi). Mahesh Manjrekar, who plays a police Talpade character also has an eye on Janhvi.

Prakash Raj playing the role of Gani Radhe's Chief Operating from abroad. Arrives in India for killing a minister. But before you run your level minister is assassinated. After glorifying the hero, the movie ends with a flat climax. The hero ends up the villain at the end.

As usual Bollywood old recipe. Gradient only in the movie is Salman Khan. You could say that the only reason to see 'Wanted' is machoman Bollywood Salman Khan and his actions.

The pace of the film is hampered by too many songs. Should be avoided to keep the movie running. Generally, above-average Ang enjoy the weekend with 'Wanted'

The action lovers could spend money for Wanted. Wanted is Hindi remake of Telugu film Pokhiri.



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