Volkswagen L1 Concept

Volkswagen L1 Concept

Bitterness at Frankfurt Motor Show recently, the concept of a Volkswagen L1, a 189mpg hybrid two-seater is expected to arrive in showrooms in 2013. It has an air resistance of 0.195 and is powered by a 800cc two-stroke diesel mated to an electric motor. It emits only 39g/km of CO2. In Sport mode, the engine develops 29bhp up, along with 74 pounds feet of torque at 1900rpm.

The turbo diesel engine of 800 cubic centimeters in L1 is essentially half of the 1.6-liter unit in the Golf and Polo BlueMotion vehicles, which means that it is an engine range of mill products. The performance is not as terrible as you might expect of a hyper-frugal hybrid, either: the maximum speed is 100 km / h and can reach 62 km / h in just 14.3 seconds - not far behind some cars Standard on the road today.

It is believed to be launched as a production around the 2013th Inside the car is as it seems more like an airplane cockpit. The adjustable front seat are made of thin carbon fiber rear president is integrated into monoqoque.

Volkswagen L1 Concept

It is not the first time that Volkswagen has developed a very effective concept. In 2002, the carmaker produced a similar vehicle powered by a 0.3 liter diesel returns a fuel economy of 264 mpg! This time, however, Volkswagen plans production in mind. Both Martin Winterkorn, CEO and Chairman Ferdinand Piëch previously hinted at the date of 2010 as year of release for a vehicle of this type, but would any type of production is limited.



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