Tennis Champ Jack Kramer Dies at Age of 88

Former Tennis Champion Jack Karmer died late Saturday from a soft tissue cancer. Bob Karmer said he did not want to go to the hospital at the end, so the family gathered and he died at home in Los Angels’ were 88.

Tennis Champ Jack Kramer Dies At 88

Jack Karmer was tennis champion in 1940s and '50s.He also won seven other Grand Slam titles in doubles. He was the promoter of the sport for more 60 years. Karmer was the no.1 player in the world for much of the 1940s.

Kramer was a founder of the Association of Tennis Professionals and was its first Executive Director. In 1973, he led a boycott of Wimbledon ATP principles that helped the players get more control over their own career in the national tennis federation. He later formed a part of the international men's professional tennis Council governing board world.

Since the 1950s, Kramer was very involved in the Los Angeles Tennis Open, a tournament that serves as President and Director until the judge in the game. For three years during the 1980s, the tournament was known as Jack Kramer Open.

The last tennis match he saw in person was on July 27, when he went to UCLA for the tournament.

"He was a big fan of Roger Federer, who has played with a single two-handed backhand, like him, and a classic game," said Bob Kramer. "Over the years, he was a big fan of Pete Sampras, and thought Marit Safin was one of the most underrated players.

Tennis Champ Jack Kramer as a player



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