Taylor Swift on The View

Taylor Swift on The View

When Taylor Swift was asked what was going through his mind like Kanye interrupted his acceptance speech for Best Female Video, Swift said: "I think my general thought process was something like." Wow, I cannot believe I won is impressive Do not stumble and fall I will thank the fans, it is so cool Oh, Kanye West is here! Swift told the women at the idea de Cool hairstyle what are you doing there? Therefore,, Ouch. And so I think I will not be able to thank fans”

So Kanye got into a fight with the mother of Taylor, who "broke him" backstage. Kanye Jay Leno said last night that Taylor wanted to apologize in person and said he would meet with him, but "not out personally or something.”

Although Kanye's disease made her "nervous," said Swift, the great fan support has helped. "I never imagined that there were that many people looking for me," he said. "It was very nice to see that there are people out there in my defense, so you should not."



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