Supernatural Season 5 Episode 2 "Good God, Y'All"

Supernatural season 5 episode 2

Supernatural presents its latest episode no.2 "Good God, Y'All" from season 5, which is airs on September 17, 2009.

TV series : Supernatural
Title : Good God, Y'All
Genre : Drama, Fantacy, Horror
Director : Philip Sgriccia
Writer : Sera Gamble
Air Date : September 17, 2009.

Starring Cast of Supernatural S05E02 :

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
Misha Collins as Castiel
Rob Benedict as Chuck Shurley
Mark Pellegrino as Nick
Bellamy Young as Sarah/Lucifer
Rachel Miner as Meg
Emily Perkins as Becky Rosen
Marci T. House as Nurse
Frank Topol as Pilot

Synopsis of Supernatural S05E02 :

Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he is going to search for God, who will be able to defeat Lucifer. Bobby's old hunter friend, Rufus, is panicked about demons attacking his town, and begs Bobby for help. Sam and Dean arrive at the town and realize there is a spell over the townspeople, making them hallucinate that they are demons and causing them to kill one another.

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