The Real World Cancun Season 22 Episode 13

The Real World Cancun Season 22 Episode 13

The Real World Cancun : The Tv series presents its latest episode no.13 "The S#!T They Should Have Shown" from season 22, which is airs on September 9, 2009.

Tv series : The Real World
Title : The S#!T They Should Have Shown
Genre : Documentary
Air date : September 9, 2009.

Starring Cast of The Real World s22e13 :

Brittany Brown-Hart as Herself
Benjamin Fletcher as Himself (as Benjamin 'Fletch' Fletcher)
Nicole Frilot as Herself
Roxanne Frilot as Herself
David Ingber as Himself
Jeremy Jazwinski as Himself
Amber Madison as Herself
Paul Malbry as Himself
Marquita 'Sky' Marshall as Herself
Laura Ramsey as Herself
Matthew Slenske as Himself
Alan Taylor as Himself
Heidi Vance as Herself
Jorell Washington as Himself
Casey Weeks as Himself

The Real World Cancun Season 22 Episode 13 Synopsis :

When Jonna experience second thoughts about his decision to break with Matt, in part because Pat imminent return to Toronto, the place of love created by it, Pat, Jasmine and JR continues to create tensions. Ayii receive visits from two friends, and expresses a strong attraction to Jonna, leading to two of them making out, and a triangle a trois involving two of them and Per. Ayiiia Jonna and preserve the confidentiality of this Emilee reason to feel excluded. Even Pat Ayiiia and focuses more on each of Jonna of each other during his trio, which has adverse effects on Ayiiia relationship with his girlfriend, who is Ryan.



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