Project Runway Season 6 Episode 5 s06e05

Project Runway Season 6 Episode 5 s06e05

Tv Series Project Runway : The TV series is about to release its season 6 episode 5 "Fashion Headliners" on September 17, 2009.

TV Series : Project Runway
Episode Title : Fashion Headliners
Air Date : September 17, 2009.
Genre : Reality - TV Show

Starring Cast of S06E05 :

Heidi Klum as Host
Tim Gunn as Mentor
Nina Garcia as Judge
Michael Kors as Judge

Project Runway Season 6 Episode 5 Synopsis :

The TV series Project Runway is about to release its latest episode named "Fashion Headliners", the same episode will be airing on september 17, 2009. It was revealed that they would also be creating an avant-garde look. They had $50 for the first look and $200 for the second. Most of the episode focused on Qristyl and Epperson, who had trouble getting along, and Mitchell and Ra’mon; Mitchell had trouble keeping on task, which caused Ra’mon to have to create both looks mostly on his own. At judging, Qristyl and Mitchell were in the Bottom 2, Qristyl for not being able to lead her team and Mitchell for not doing anything. Ra’mon was being crowned the winner, even though he was not the team leader. Mitchell on the other hand, was eliminated for not doing anything for his team’s designs, so guys enjoy the episode and don't forget to watch the episode.



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