Prevention Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure

Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima upper arm blood pressure monitor to the store, which allows for the detection of irregular heartbeat, and computer downloading capabilities with light flashes to alert you. It is operate by using an oscillo metric method to measure and help your systolic pressure, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. You can set your goals for your health in a variety of programs for blood pressure goals. The other features of humeral Prevention Ultima Blood Pressure Monitor below.

Prevention Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure

For patients with diabetes, heart disease or people who are predisposed to these diseases, a unit of BP such as prevention ultima upper arm blood pressure monitor DS-2200PV is a gadget is good to have at home. We, personally, bought here WrisTech a Digital BP Monitor, which is fully automatic and does not only blood pressure reading, but also provide the pulse. It has almost the same properties as Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima upper arm blood pressure monitor. The only difference is that twins WrisTech used as a clock, while the Prevention DS-2200PV twin is to the upper arm.


Price: $ 29.99 + shipping $ 5
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Mark of Fitness

Prevention DS-2200PV Features

  • User oscillometric method for measuring blood pressure and pulse
  • Measures systolic, diastolic blood pressure and pulse
  • Operate on AC power (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator flashes to show if you have an irregular heartbeat
  • Built-in memory can store up to 60 measurements each for two people and can transfer your data to a PC
  • Set personal goals by the target blood pressure programming, reader flashes when it is over its target of
  • Hypertension Data Management System runs on a Windows PC that can analyze your metrics for hours, days, weeks, months or years, and gives a visual representation of your treatments over a period
  • Automatic inflation with automatic exhaust valve

Specifications humeral Prevention Ultima Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Inflation: automatic inflation
  • Exhaust system: Automatic exhaust valve
  • Memory: 2 Banks, each stores 60 treatments
  • Operating Environment: 50 ° F to 104 ° F, 15 to 90% RH
  • Storage Environment: -4 ° F to 122 ° F, 15 to 95% RH
  • Twins arm coverage Circumference: 9.1 to 16.9 inches (23 to 43 cm)
  • Weight: Approximately 17.1 ounces (485g) with batteries
  • Dimensions W x D x H: 5.9 × 4.1 × 4.7 inches (150 × 105 120 mm)
  • Mode of operation: Oscillometric Method
  • Indicator: 17 Digital Liquid Crystal Display
  • Range Pressure Indicator: 0 to 300 mmHg (cuff pressure)
  • Cuff Accuracy: ± 3 mmHg
  • Pulse Accuracy: ± 5% of reading
  • Systolic Measuring Range: 50 to 250 mmHg
  • Pulse Measurement Range: 40 to 160 bpm
  • Batteries * Power supply: 6.0 VDC AC Adapter, Model ZL-26, or 4 AA batteries


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