The Outsiders Movie

The outsiders us an American drama film in the year 1983

the outsider

This film has nominated for at least four awards at the time of release. C. Thomas Howell won the Young Artist Award for that movie for Best Young Motion Picture Actor in a Feature Film.

Producer : Gray Frederickson, Fred Roos
Air Date : March 25, 1983.
Genre : Crime Drama
Title : They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong.
Director : Francis Ford Coppola
Writer of the Novel : S.E. Hinton
Music by : Carmine Coppola
Distributor : Warner Bros. Pictures

Synopsis :

Pony boy is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks (a greaser), as the parents died in a car accident. He, his friends, Johnny, Dally, two bits, and Steve, and his brothers, Derry and Soda always beaten by a gang called SOC. One night, he and his best friend Johnny nervous, they attacked by the SOC. The SOC almost drown Ponyboy and Johnny, Ponyboy defender, stabs Bob, one of the SOC to death. His aggressive, restless friend Dally gives them money and a loaded gun, and tells them to hide in an abandoned church of Jay Mountain. Pony and Johnny finds the church and set up camp. Johnny, Haircuts and grooming Ponyboy and his cuts. Dally come to church, and Pony and Johnny has to get some food. He tells them that a great battle is in the morning and scheduled (Bob is a member of SOC) girlfriend, Cherry, will testify that Bob asked for it since he was drunk and that the killing was in self-defense. Return to the church, and watch it on fire. A group of children is trapped inside, and Pony, Johnny and Dally save. Ponyboy goes well, Dally burns on his arm, but a large piece of wood falls on Johnny, breaking his back, burning him badly. Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally are declaring heroes, but a young experimental scheduled for Johnny and Ponyboy. Pony meets with his brothers, Darryl and Soda. With the fight close, Dally visit Ponyboy and Johnny dies in the hospital, and Dally declares that beat the SOC for Johnny. SOC Lubricant and fight each other, and SOC loss. The Greaser goes to see Johnny to break the news. Johnny tells Ponyboy to "stay strong" and then dies. Dally, cannot live with the fact that Johnny is dead, freak out and rob a store. He is on the heels of a plot by the police. Pony and the people come, just to see Dally shot by police. The kids come over and Dally Johnny's death and try to be friendlier to the SOC. Ponyboy finds a letter Johnny wrote before he died.

The Outsider Movie Part 5 Video (YouTube)



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