Obama Portrayed As Witch Doctor

Obama Portrayed As Witch Doctor

This image of Barack Obama portrayed as a witch, was sent to fellow activists to reform health care in Florida by neurosurgeon Dr. David McKalip. Is it racist image?

The U.S. plans Barack Obama president to create a national health service in the country has many American doctors, patients and insurance companies against the idea and called it a "socialist" and described him as "health rationing.

Currently in the U.S. is the only major industrialized country that does not provide universal access to health care for all its citizens, leaving patients to spend more American in the world when it comes to medical care.

Obama's plan is an "open procedure" Option "- a public insurance system management offer competitive prices that private insurers would compete, keep tab on costs. It would also mean that all American citizens. Should be sickness. At this time around 85% of those who are deprive of health insurance, most of them financed by employee and employer, and some paid personally. The remaining 15% have no access to health care, unless they are included in a crisis situation where acute medical and social activities for the enforcement of laws that hospitals receive emergency patients regardless of ability to pay. This part of society outside but not just have to ignore emergency diseases. There are some government programs in place - for example, Medicare and Medicaid. But the attention that depends on city, and covers only extreme cases.

CNN gave airtime on national cable, what was described as "a controversial image that has circulated online since July," a "retouched photo circulating on the Internet, and even some protesters signs like this in Brighton, Michigan produce Obama as president an witch doctor."



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