Now, Rahul Mahajan has a Swayamvar!

 Rahul Mahajan has a Swayamvar

After the huge success of Rakhi Sawant Ka Swayamvar, NDTV Imagine is launching its second season with Rahul Mahajan.

Son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, Rahul married Shweta Mahajan, who dated a year ago. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only 15 months. Shweta filed for divorce in 2007.

Rahul, who became a household name after his stint in Bigg Boss 2, signed on the dotted line two days ago.NDTV Imagine hopes to cash in on Rahul's fame, post Bigg Boss. The channel heads feel he can do wonders for the show, just like Rakhi did.

But all that will make history when they are at 34 years, is introduced to a number of potential brides competing for attention in front of the ameras.While NDTVI magine will publish further details next week, the program is expected to take off in December 2009.

The channel has not yet confirmed this news. However, Rahul was seen in the office of the channel a few times. Aditya Bhatt had conceptualized Rakhi Ka Swayamvar admitted that next season could include Rahul Mahajan. In his words, "From the beginning it was to have two stations - one with Rakhi Sawant and the second with Rahul Mahajan."

These incidents tarnished Rahul’s image in the public eye and seemingly ruined his chances of a political career forever. But things changed when he appeared in the second season of Bigg Boss. India fell in love with the spoilt “poor little rich boy”.

If this show really comes through, NDTV Imagine could vie for Castle Numero Uno! And in an interesting manner and we will not complain ...



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