Nokia 5902 And 5903 Phone

Nokia 5902 And 5903 Phone

Nokia 5902 is equipped with a 4.0 inches touch screen, built-in 5 mega pixels camera, as well as with the Memo 5 operating platform, but the authenticity of this two cell phones have not yet been identified.

Nokia concept phone user to see two very Easton board is good, classic 5903 and 5902 models that you can see below made RKSD. Nokia 5903 classic phone an Android 2.0, which uses a Qualcomm CPU snapdragon, packs 32GB of internal memory and 512MB RAM. Below there’s also a “live” image of the Nokia 5903 Classic phone and afterwards a render of Nokia 5902. The latter is a smaller device, maybe with Android as well on board and you may have noticed that both handsets use touch screen displays.

Since Nokia surprised the audience with the great X6 and X3 phones, they might as well launch cool Android devices, if they’re up for quitting Symbian and Maemo.



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