MySpace Mobile Gets Makeover Includes New Features

MySpace Mobile gets makeover includes new featuresWas the most popular MySpace social networking site in the world, but over time the development somehow lost the race to the likes of Facebook and Orkut (elsewhere). The decline has made MySpace think of new ways to turn the tide of fashion exciting new social networking on mobile phones can be a way to save your pride. In this effort, such as MySpace Mobile, came in March last year, a change of image with some extra features.

According to speculation, the new MySpace Mobile designs quicker and easier to use. The final design is a complemented with new features that help you to upload photos and videos, text messages and update their status via SMS.

It feels good to know that the mobile version of MySpace have been updated, but MySpace still can lose the war, even in this segment, as the fact that Facebook is a good basis for popular social networks.



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