More to Love episode 8

More to Love : was released its finale Episode 8, On Tuesday, 15 September, 2009. At 9 O'clock in the evening on FOX.

More to Love episode 8

More to Love s01e08 goes on a date with the two final contestants before making a decision of which Contestant has won.

Type : TV series
Title : Finale :Eposode 108/109
Network : FOX
Air Date : September 15, 2009
Genre : Reality tv show
Producers : Mike Fleiss, Sally Ann Salsano
Staring Cast : Tali and Malissa

Synopsis :

Luke will be dealing with two women. He will be making tough decisions, as he will be choosing one from the two remaining women. Will things be more complicated for Luke? What will he do? I am sure everyone will be surprise about the decision Luke will be making. Luke will not just choose one woman over the other, he will also propose to her. This will be an exciting episode people. Find who will Luke choose and how the proposal will be in this much-anticipated episode.



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