Megan Fox enjoyed lesbian kiss

Megan Fox

Hollywood actress Megan Fox is set to steam up the big screen with her lesbian kiss with "Mammia Mia!" star Amanda Seyfried in her forthcoming horror movie. She says she enjoyed filming the scene.

The two actresses will be seen locking lips in "Jennifer's Body" and Fox, who is playing the role of a cheerleader, said that she enjoyed the scene, reported

"I feel much safer with girls, so I felt more comfortable kissing her in the movie than kissing any of the other people that I had to kiss," Megan claimed. Gushing on Amanda's feeling about the lesbian kiss, the "Transformers" beauty said, "I think she was extremely uncomfortable. I do not think that -- I know that. She was not comfortable and there was a lot of laughing like, giggling fits that happened in between takes."

Earlier showed Megan Fox that she is okay with same sex relationships, but insisted that she did not want to sleep with another woman bisexual. The actress, whose relationship with Brian Austin Green is on-and off several times, was the first love with a girl when she was 18 years. She was in love with a Russian stripper named Nikita after being dumped by his girlfriend in the past, Ben Leahy.

The 23-year-old actress has also admitted that she used to harm herself during her growing up years.



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