Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance

The spectacular opening of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards pays tribute to legendary entertainment icon Michael Jackson with a special appearance by his sister, Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance

She performed “Scream” with her late brother, while numerous dancers took the stage on “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller”. You can watch Janet Jackson VMA video, after the jump.

The dancers who rocked some of the best songs of Michael Jackson Thriller included, then cut the big screen screaming and knew it was time! Janet's bust on Dancing Stage, as it was in 1991 again! It looked great and danced with a passion and fever that his brother would be proud. She synchronized with Mike in the video frame every movement with all his power and all that it was nearly over, and looked up from his older brother with a look that shows how a broken heart that still is.

Here the some photos of Janet Jackson at The VMA Performance:

Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance1

Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance2

Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance3

Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance4

Janet Jackson 2009 VMA Performance5



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