Hells Kitchen Season 6 Episode 10

Hells Kitchen Season 6 Episode 10

Hells Kitchen : The Tv series presents its new episode 10 "7 Chefs Compete", which is airs on September 22, 2009.

Tv series : Hells Kitchen
Title : 7 Chefs Compete
Genre : Reality show
Air date : September 22, 2009.

Starring Cast of Hells Kitchen s06e10 :

Gordon Ramsay as Head Chef
Suzanne Schlicht as Season 6 Contestant
Dave Levey as Season 6 Contestant
Kevin Cottle as Season 6 Contestant
Tennille Middleton as Season 6 Contestant
Ariel Contreras as Season 6 Contestant
Van Hurd as Season 6 Contestant
Scott Liebfried as Sous Chef (Blue)
Jason Thompson as Narrator
Jean Philippe as Susilovic Maitre D'
Heather West as Sous Chef (Red)
Sabrina Gresset as Season 6 Contestant

Synopsis of Hells Kitchen s06e10 :

To give the seven remaining chefs some inspiration for the rest of the competition, Chef Ramsay gives the chefs a tour of the grand prize, The Araxi restaurant, via satellite. For their challenge, the chefs must use 15 local ingredients flown in from Whistler, British Columbia, Canada; the location of The Araxi restaurant, to make three original dishes. Theses dishes are judge by Olympic gold-winning skater Sasha Cohen and skier Jonny Moseley. The winning team gets to dine with Mark Peel at his restaurant Campanile, while the losing team is force to work on a local farm. Both teams must be prepared for dinner service later that evening.

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