Health Care: Obama 60 minutes interview 9/13 Video

On Sunday, 9/13/09, President Obama speaks to Steve Kroft in his recent interview on "60 Minutes" about why "owner" of his health reform plan.

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He said that some Republicans simply want to "kill" the health care reform, and that he will "own" the bill in its path.

"" You know, I intend to be president for a while, and when the bill passes, I admit. And if people look and say, "You know what my expenses not been reduced. My cousins are still increasing by 25 percent, insurance companies are still angry with me about," I am who will be held accountable. "

In addition, added, "The problem I have is that the only way I can get the medium and long term, federal spending under control is if we do something about health care. Ironically, the reform of the health system is crucial for deficit reduction. I know it seems illogical, "because people say," Well, if we spend more money on people who currently have health insurance, and we give loans to small businesses, and we do these entire thing that costs money. How can it be good for us? "The biggest problem we have in our budget as much as we spent this year on emergency preparedness, the greatest long-term problem that we - and everyone agrees with this - is the rising costs of Medicare and Medicaid (Kroft, 9 / 13). CBS included a video of the entire segment.

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