Google Unveils Chrome 3.0

Google launched Chrome 3.0 on September 15, 2009, as the browser's engineering director set ambitious goals to double its market share within 12 months, then double it again within 24.

Google Unveils Chrome 3.0

Google has inveiled its new version of Chrome browser, on which company says offers 25 per cent faster Javascript performance than its predecessor.It also released a beta version included features such as the omnibox, still present in the official release.

Chrome 3.0, which is only available for Windows, moved from beta to what Google calls "steady its" development road, which means that the browser is suitable for use in the general public, not just developers and testers willing to endure the termination or error.

Anthony Laforge, program manager for Google Chrome said that we are very excited about HTML5 becoming standard in modern browser, and continued to add HTML5 capabilities to this stable release.



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