'Dexter' Game Now Available

'Dexter' Game Now Available

Marc Ecko Entertainment today announced that "Dexter" The Game ", the long-awaited application for iPhone and iPod Touch, is out now on App Store. The game, which is based in Season One of the Emmy-and Golden Globe-winning Showtime television series "Dexter”, is available for $ 5.99.

Dexter the Game, based on the Emmy-winning first season of Showtime series Dexter, let us step into the shoes of Dexter Morgan, a serial killer hidden under a strict morality working for Miami Metro Police Department analyst bloodstain. Like the series, you are expect to keep Dexter average person as the facade of control over their decisions, analyze crime scenes and uncover evidence for the use of stealth tactics to pursue their prey in full 3D. Notes however that the results of its passage, and the case concerns the Code of Harry: only kill the guilty, and not get caught!

Dexter the Game has reportedly some of the most impressive graphics seen on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was develop to exploit the signature features like touch screen, accelerometer and the latest iPhone 3.0 add-ons, but more importantly, is the voice of another who plays Dexter Morgan, Michael C. Hall itself.

'Dexter' Game Now Available



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