From Paris With Love Trailers

From Paris With Love Trailers

This new cut of the trailer of From Paris with Love is not as dynamic as the previous one. Still, the movie looks like its quota of action with some humor here and there. And I am still mesmerized by John Travolta's glowing bald head. I would not miss the movie From Paris With Love! We have got our hands on a few behind the scenes clips of the upcoming action movie From Paris with Love. Something quite rare, we may see the same scene shot twice.

Making a movie isn't as straightforward as it seems: a lot of work before the final cut! But Johnathan Rhys-Meyer and John Travolta know their job: actually both shots look quite good!John Travolta looks really crazy in this movie, and he looks damn great bald! From Paris with love will be on my theater agenda once it's out, that's sure!

Paris With Love Trailer 2009



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