Found body is likely missing Yale student

 Found body is likely missing Yale student

New Haven police said Sunday they found what they believe is the body of a PhD student at Yale University and fracture-to-be hidden inside the wall of a university building where he was last seen five days earlier.

New Haven Police Assistant Chief Peter Richard said officials assume the body was that Annie Le graduate student who has undergone a massive search by police since Tuesday.

Le was from Placerville, Calif. She was set to get married Sunday in Syosset, N.Y., on Long Island's north shore.

Le, 24, of Placerville, California, was to be married Sunday in Syosset, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. New Haven Police say they have contact with his family and have taken control of the investigation, which is now treated as murder.

State police found the body around 5 Sunday in an area of the building, which houses utility wires running between floors.

He was last seen Tuesday morning in the building. Video surveillance shows his arrival at 10, but police had been confused since the investigation began, because there was no video of him to leave, while approximately 75 surveillance cameras operating throughout the complex. Their identification, money, credit cards and wallet were found in his office.

Le swiped her identification card to enter the university building that morning, but there was no record of her leaving, despite some 75 surveillance cameras that cover the complex. Investigators pored over blueprints and surveillance video footage while searching for her.



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