Eenadu Movie Review

Eenadu Movie Review Movie Rating: 3.5 / 5
Director: Chakri Toleti
Music Director: Shruti Haasan
Producer: Kumar Babu G
Cast: Kamal Hassan, Venkatesh, Poonam Kaur, Lakshmi

What is on: the film stars Venkatesh as Police Commissioner of Hyderabad, Eshwar Prasad received a phone call from an anonymous person (played by Kamal Hassan) requires the release of four dreaded terrorists. Caller Eshwar Prasad threat that does not meet the requirements, a series of bomb explosions will rock the city. In addition to managing a team of police to a nearby police station, where it has placed a bomb to make his intentions clear. The Commissioner, in this unfortunate condition, yield to all demands of the anonymous calls. The series of conversations looks good, but then a configuration change throughout the equation.

What is good: Written by Neeraj Pandey, "Eenadu" is impressive pace through the narrative. A sense of urgency permeates everything that happens on screen. The film is also due to its impact on a sensitive and sensational portrait both Venkatesh and Kamal Hassan. While Venkatesh is at his usual best in the role of a police officer, Kamal Hassan's portrait of an ordinary man, is the lynchpin of the whole story. The drama follows Heisenberg uncertainty principle; with each phone call from Kamal change the whole equation, hitting a crescendo at the end. Both actors are wonderfully supported by Dr.Bharat Reddy and Ganesh Venkataraman, and the adoption of police office of Commissioner.

What is bad: The film is the remake of "Wednesday", and the comparison with the original film are inevitable. "Eenadu", although most retain the essence of the original film, but do not think they have a very dramatic effect it. Too many scenes have a problem with lip sync. Lakshmi role as secretary-general is only half cooked. Poonam Kaur's role is completely forgotten after a period.



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