Democrats Run Away From ACORN

Democrats Run Away From ACORN

If you like my blog, please consider investing in my book. It is poignant, yet remains satirical and humorous. If you are tired of being call a racist, this is necessary have in your collection. Moreover, for the record, my book can beat up Glenn Beck's book! Reminiscent of the days when the slaves escaped the plantation, and Massa rounded up area plantation owners and law enforcement to get his property back, we are witness to a repeat of history. Democrat slave owners, ACORN are intent on capturing former ACORN member turned whistleblower, Anita MonCrief (slave). They will do so by suing her.

I am just going to call it as it is. ACORN suing Anita MonCrief is “the real man keeping a sista down. “ If ACORN were a Republican organization, this story would get more press coverage than MLK’s funeral. However, since there is no Republican boogeyman, ignorant blacks will be silent. Do not expect white Democrats normally meddlers par excellent—to meddle here either. The poverty pimps, Jackson and Sharpton redundant, since I already mentioned ignorant blacks—will be silent as well. Little ACORN all “growed” up into a big Oak tree, a fitting fate awaits MonCrief, as she is about to be lynched—Democrat-style.

Only difference from the past is that MonCrief will not die a physical lynching, but a financial lynching. White racist Democrat elites treating blacks like chattel to keep them “in their place” is nothing new at all. The only thing missing are the burning crosses, white robes and “night raids.” Even with all those past accoutrements missing, racist Democrat dealings with blacks have only changed in tactics.



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