The Colony Season 1 Episode 9 "Breaking Point"

The Colony Season 1 Episode 9

The Colony presents its new episode no.9 "Breaking Point", which is airs on September 15, 2009.

Tv series : The Colony
Title : Breaking Point
Genre : Drama
Director : Jeff Barnaby
Writer : Jeff Barnaby
Air date : September 15, 2009.

Starring Cast of The Colony s01e09 :

Vladimir Beck as The Mechanical Engineer
George Fallieras as The Doctor
Allison White as The Nurse
Joey Sciacca as The Independent Contractor
John Cohn as The Computer Engineer
John Valencia as The Machinist
Leilani Smith as The Martial Arts Instructor
Michael Raines as The Solar Technology Tech
Morgan Hooker as The Aerospace Engineer
Amy West as The Marine Scientist

Synopsis of The Colony s01e09 :

The traders are back for business, which makes things difficult in the colony. The colonists continue working on their escape vehicle as one of them reaches his breaking point.

The Colony Season 1 Episode 9 Preview (YouTube)



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