Champions Trophy 2009 schedule | ICC CT Time table

Champions Trophy 2009 will be played on 22 September to 5 October, at Johaneesburg in South Africa.

Champions Trophy 2009 schedule

This trophy take place every two year and in every Trophy, there was 21 matches were played but this year only 15 matches will be played between 8 test team divided in two Group A and Group B.

Group A : Australia, India, Pakistan, West Indies.
Group B : Sri Lanka, New Zealand, England, South Africa.

ICC CT Time table :

22 Sept, South Africa Vs Sri Lanka, D/N
23 Sept, Pakistan Vs West Indies, D/N
24 Sept, South Africa Vs New Zealand, D
25 Sept, Sri Lanka Vs England, D/N
26 Sept, West Indies Vs Australia, D
26 Sept, India Vs Pakistan, D/N
27 Sept, New Zealand Vs Sri Lanka, D
27 Sept, South Africa Vs England, D/N
28 Sept, Australia Vs India, D/N
29 Sept, England Vs New Zealand, D/N
30 Sept, India Vs West Indies, D/N
30 Sept, Australia Vs Pakistan, D
02 Oct, A1 Vs B2, D/N
03 Oct, B1 Vs A2, D/N
05 Oct, Final, D/N

  • Day games start at 9.30
  • Day/Night games start at 14.30


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