Bipasha Basu Recommendation for No Smoking in the TV show

Bipasha Basu is 28 years famous Bollywood hot actress. She is coming in Bollywood after modeling. She was the winner of the Fords Supermodel of the World Contest for 1996 and is now one of the main Bollywood actress.


In her new upcoming movie Pankh she ask lot of time bed words and addition that her film got an A certificate. The media covered her each move, functions and boy friends. She always loved being in the news and she loved acting.

Extra Bipasha Basu is not acting in a movie with smoking. She is also why Bipasha is a fitness freak, it is unlikely that smoking scenes in their films. Scientists have been warning usually results in relation to the power of film and television programmers are sensitive to snuff consumption among adolescents. Learning has confirmed that stars are role models for young people and their actions are copies.

On 10 January 2007, Basu danced with sex workers in a charity drive in order to increase AIDS awareness in India and promote safe sex.

Here the some photos of bollywood hot lady:








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