Big Brother 11 Winner

Big Brother 11 Winner

The big winner of the night in the Big Brother house was a favorite, Jordan, who took home the cash prize of $ 500,000 on Tuesday 15 September. The 22-year waitress Goofy Matthews, NC, beat Natalie Martinez, an intriguing 24-year-old college graduate recently Gilbert, Arizona is the season finale for CBS's voyeuristic reality. Lloyd got five votes of the jury in the series of seven members, including the votes of the viewers who can break a tie for seventh pick first.

"She acted like she was 12 years," said Schroeder, who was named "Favorite Guest House" viewers and won $ 25,000 prize. Lloyd run its 12 competitors, all of which were isolated and monitored by dozens of cameras and microphones, for 73 days inside the "Big Brother" house.

Martinez has spent the season largely trick their opponents. His biggest FIB fooled most of the participants - or houseguests, as they called in the program - to believe she was a schoolgirl of 18 recent years. But she looked last week in a poorly constructed lie on the award of a visit from her boyfriend inside the house.



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