Banam Movie Review

A Movie Banam is all about to release on September 16, 2009.

Banam Movie Review

Type : Movie
Air Date : September 16, 2009
Director : Chaitanya Dantuluri
Producer :Seshu Priyanka Chalasani
Starring cast : Nara Rohit,Vedika,Sayaji Shinde,Ranadev
Music : Mani Sharma
Cinematography : Anil Bhandari
Editing : Marthand K. Venkatesh
Banner : Three Angels Studio

Synopsis :

Bhagath (Nara Rohith), which are brought by finishing their studies and prepare Civils so rare. Her mother dies in his childhood and his father (Shiyaji Shinde), which is naxlite (Maoist), is thrown into the river, when the police corner him. This happens when Bhagath is young, and he assumes his father died when he jumped into the river. “Actually Shiyaji still alive after jumping into the water, return to a normal life.

Bhagath goal is to become an IPS officer.

Subbalakshmi is simple and honest girl, and she accomplishes Bhagath railway station. The moment you know just Bhagath be married but her husband does not leave the platform for organizing the promised dowry by the parents of Subbalkshmi.

Bhagath takes her to his house and try to solve the problem. But her husband and other relatives of her husband refuse to take back. It then deletes MangalasutramOn Moreover; Shakti is the local Goon, who is running the program with links to local police. Bhagath faced villain Shakti and Shakti Bhagath trying to kill when he would join the police academy for training of IPS. Shinde Shiyaji comes in the middle, and he is killed.

How bad boy Bhagath making Shakhthi the remaining story. Performances Nara Rohith which made its debut certainly has screen presence is necessary for a hero of Tollywood. But the role he has chosen not to make a big effort to showcase their diverse talents as an actor. At the same time, it has focused on his expressions and dialogue delivery.

Vedhika-beautiful, simple, and has made the role of his right, as the requirements of this special function.

The director should have completed research work on the script to be a great success.
Finally, it is a good effort by the debutant director and hero; we must wait and see how people get this new hero to the family of the politician.

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