Aylor Swift Buys Her First Condo

Aylor Swift Buys Her First Condo

Taylor Swift so cute when he see this morning. In an elegant dress, metallic Swift remained calm and clear when asked to comment on the VMA incident when Kanye West was so rude to her on stage.

Kanye West appeared on Jay Leno's show again last night and said he would like to apologize to Taylor Swift in person. I believe God has asked Taylor if she would speak personally with Kanye and Swift said that she definitely would, but not Kanye attempted to contact them. Kanye, now we believe is completely insincere.

Great news is that Taylor has revealed she bought a new judge! Barbara Walters asked Taylor if she still lives at home with his mum and Swift said that she was. She then went to announce for the first time publicly that she has just bought his first apartment.



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